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"Prevention is better than the cure"

Equine Thermography is a non-invasive monitoring tool used to detect injury and illness through changes and irregularities to a horse’s thermal and neural pattern.

It uses the very latest infrared imaging equipment and computer software – and provides a quick and efficient way to identify trauma and injury.

Many injuries and physical conditions can be accurately highlighted before any clinical signs or symptoms are visibly apparent. And it provides a unique way to monitor a horse before and after competition to ensure it’s in peak condition.

Additionally, it may be used to monitor a horses recovery from intense activity, injury and illness - making it a must have modality here at Flawborough Equine.

Our technician trained with Equitherm  - the world leaders in Equine Thermography - and has worked alongside master trainer Sandie Chambers for a number of years.

We use Thermography as a tool to monitor the progress of all horses on rehabilitation programmes – as well as prevention and intervention programmes. By scanning a horse on its arrival, a baseline scan is achieved and the monitoring process begins.

By accurately pinpointing the location of an injury, Thermography can help to prevent further trauma. It enables our vets to both make an informed decision on the treatment needed - and to monitor recovery.

The Benefits                                                       

  • Accurately pinpoints injury
  • Allows for swift identification and treatment of trauma and injury
  • Measures both the benefits and effectiveness of treatment
  • Monitors recovery
  • Keeps horses in peak condition
  • Creates a library of information on the horse’s physiology
  • Identifies ill-fitting saddles
  • Identifies allergic reactions to products and medicine