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Hydrotherapy Spa

Cold Spa Hydrotherapy as a treatment or prevention of lower leg conditions in performance horses has expanded rapidly over recent years - and with exceptional results.

For centuries, the benefits of sea water in the treatment of inflammation and injury in both humans and animals have been known – and horses are no exception.

In a safe and controlled manner, the hydrotherapy spa greatly intensifies the natural healing effects of cold running sea water.

It uses jets of aerated chilled saline water to accelerate healing and repair over a wide range of injuries of the lower limbs from tendon injuries to the most grotesque wounds. And it can also be used for injury prevention - to increase mobility and reduce swelling in the limbs before and after competitive events and training.

The ECB Spa used here at Flawborough was designed in Australia and extensively researched by associate Professor Evan Hunt MVSC, PHD, GradDIpED, MRCVS (see below).

It is a self-contained unit holding 2000 litres of saltwater and combines all the vital therapeutic water factors- temperature, salt concentration, depth, aeration, dissolved oxygen, biological control -required to deliver superior hydrotherapy.

For most horses, the introduction to the Spa can be daunting – so we take care to do this gently to ensure absolute acceptance of the modality. In practice we find that most horses take to it very well and really enjoy the soothing effect of the water.


Professor Evan R Hunt
BVSc, MVSc, PhD, G.Dip.Ed(Tert),MRCVS University of Sydney – AUSTRALIA

Professor Hunt carried out the initial research into the development of cold salt hydrotherapy. His work has been accredited by worldwide professionals. The ECB Equine Spa we use here at Flawborough is the only Spa in the UK that he endorses.