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Here at Flawborough, we believe that infra-red energy has therapeutic benefits to the health and well-being of the equine. The solarium produces short wavelength infrared heat of the same type as the sun...but without harmful ultra violet rays.

These days, horses may be stabled, rugged up and turned out only for part of the day - and many miss out on the therapeutic qualities of natural sunlight especially during the winter months. Allowing a horse or pony to stand under a solarium regularly can compensate for this.

We believe that the solarium can improve overall condition, strengthen the immune system and benefit the horse in many ways. It has a positive effect on the horse metabolic system and blood circulation…improving muscle quality and function reducing the chances of - and helping to speed up recovery from - injury.

Other uses of the solarium include warming horses’ muscles up pre-exercise and helping reduce lactic acid after intense training…– or it can be used simply to dry horses off after a bath!