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Prevention & Intervention

Due to the high demands of today’s equestrian sport, there is a growing need for physical therapy for the equine athlete.

Here at Flawborough, we believe that the prevention of injury is as important as the cure itself - and that’s why we offer the opportunity for assessment and treatment of overall physical and mental wellbeing.

So, your horse doesn’t need to be injured to be cared for at Flawborough! We also deliver pre and/or post competition therapy to keep your horse at its peak and optimise performance.

Your horse’s movement potential and overall physiology can be assessed - and by working together with you the owner, our therapists and vets we’ll agree on goals.

We can also develop bespoke programmes that will offer your horse the opportunity to relax, refresh and recover from the stresses of training - and prepare it’s physiology for the demands it may be about to face in competition.

Our treatments and assessments will help to ensure that your horse feels well, keeps fit and stays sound.