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Limb Compression

Application of intervals of cold therapy and correctly applied compression assists in the repair of connective tissue by supporting the skin to help prevent the build-up of oedema - and facilitate and accelerate the recovery and healing process.

Performance pressures in the equine athlete need to be negated as quickly as possible post-performance and this pro-active intervention helps to protect the longevity of the horse’s career.

Equine limb compression socks apply a therapeutic level of proportionate pressure whilst protecting the prominent bony and tendon areas of the distal limb.

They can be beneficial to post-operative or trauma wound care or post-trauma oedema - with the veterinary surgeon pre-determining the most beneficial level of compression to enhance the rehabilitation rate. And they provide continuity of care when the horse moves from professional nursing to being cared for in a non-clinical environment.

Correctly applied compression helps limit and reduces swelling (swelling slows healing of connective tissue) by altering the intra and extra cellular pressure relationships. Equine limb compression socks provide compression without the problems of alterations in pressure when bandaging using strip bandages due to practitioner inconsistency - which can be detrimental to the healing process of wounds.

Here at Flawborough our staff are trained in the correct fitting and application of Equine Compression Socks. We are an approved fitter and stockist of the EquiSox brand designed to optimize post-performance recovery in the equine.