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The Process

Rehabilitation for horses is a rapidly evolving field and many therapies to complement conventional veterinary treatments are accessible to the horse owner.

But where should the process of rehabilitation begin? With the human, a sports therapist works from referral by a physician.  Similarly for the equine, a thorough veterinary evaluation should take place before the use of any therapeutic procedure.

The successful outcome of any rehabilitation programme is dependent on the accuracy of the diagnosis - with input from the rider and trainer being of great value.

A planned and complete approach to recovery is required and clear goals must be achieved, these are…

  • Pain relief
  • Restoration of function
  • Re-gaining strength in the injured area

Rehabilitation requires injury treatment as well as periods of rest and passive exercise to return an injured animal to its former healthy and sound physical state.

Working together with veterinarians, professional therapists and the client, we produce bespoke rehabilitation solutions to achieve the best possible end result for each individual case.